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Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday. Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch! Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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Casino Wedding Theme – Having casino games for a wedding reception is an up and coming trend in wedding entertainment. We’ve seen an increase of 25% in casino rentals for weddings in the past two years.

Why Have Casino Games at a Wedding Reception?

There are many reasons. The first is that the games can entertain your guests until the bride and groom arrive to the reception hall. Many times, they are busy taking additional wedding wedding theme

A second reason is that most everybody can play casino games, from children as young as 6 or 7, all the way up to senior citizens.

A third reason is that casino games are ideal for those folks who are sedentary or don’t dance. Casino games will entertain them for hours.

A fourth reason is that fact that themed weddings are gaining in popularity. Popular wedding themes include Roaring Twenties, Caribbean, Country/Western, Riverboat and Mardi Gras themes.

The last reason for utilizing casino games at a wedding reception is that the games encourage interaction. Often, guests may not know many people at the reception and the casino games are an ideal icebreaker. People naturally interact while playing at the various gaming tables.

How Many Casino Games?

Most wedding receptions of 75 – 100 guests will have 4 or 5 casino tables. The most popular include Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. Larger wedding receptions will often include Craps as well.

Rehearsal Dinner Casino Party

Another growing trend is to add more entertainment to rehearsal dinners. Casino games fill this need by adding excitement to these often-staid events.

Since rehearsal dinners don’t have as many guests as a wedding rehearsal, you can usually entertain your attendees with just a couple of tables. Most groups will opt for one Blackjack table and one Roulette Table.

So, include some casino games in your wedding planning and you will receive accolades from your guests. It will be the best wedding you’ve ever had!