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Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday. Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch! Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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If you are looking for a different kind of party then you could host a casino theme

Ladies and gentlemen come and place your bets now and have yourself a casino theme party that everyone will love.

We have everything you will need to host a casino party theme in Atlanta. Hosting this kind of party could literally mean that you have hit the jackpot.

Sending out Invitations

Let all the guests receive their invites no matter whether you send an email, social media posting or through the snail mail.

To make it more realistic ask the men to dress like 007 in Casino Royale and the ladies to dress up like they where in Las Vegas.

Perhaps some of the guests could wear visors and vests to play the part of croupiers.

Get Casino Colors

To make the venue look more authentic decorate it with black, red, as well as white.

atlanta-casino-rentalsYou could add some green so that there is a match for the color of money not to mention the tables of casinos. Remember this when shopping for decorations and also party favors.

Complete the look with decorations and party favors

Before the party find somewhere to buy decorations and party favors from, such as Party City.

Whilst these do not have to cost too much they can certainly make the party feel like that it is been held in a real casino.

While shopping buy props like fuzzy dice, playing cards, and poker chips.

To get everybody even further into the theme have casino themed things to eat, and party favors that tie in with it all. Playing cards decorations and themed food can really look the part. Alternatively you could hire casino party companies to do everything for you.

Hire a Casino Party Company

atlanta-casino-partyIf there seems too much to organize then consider hiring specialists like Funtastic Events of Atlanta. They have been around since 1985 and have run over 6200 events.

Funtastic Events can suggest a casino party package, based on the number of guests you expect.

They have years of experience when it comes to hosting casino themed parties for those big celebrations like corporate events, birthdays and weddings. The events have run from 20 attendees up to thousands.

Funtastic Events will arrange everything for you; all you have to do once you have hired them is play the perfect host.


Employee Appreciation Ideas – You have to admit, happy employees are productive employees.

employee-appreciation-ideasIn fact, Harvard Business Review found that employees describing themselves as happy were three times more likely to be a company’s top performers.

Quite literally, employers who invest time and effort into improving morale may see a profound effect on a their company’s bottom-line.

There are several ways to improve employee morale. Creating opportunities to recognize employee achievements — hitting sales targets, for example — can go a long way to boost employee satisfaction.

In fact, research points to a direct connection between employee satisfaction and such opportunities for recognition.

Likewise, giving employees input into performance reviews helps foster a positive, happy work environment.

Finally, and most often overlooked, are events designed to show employees that their work matters. Below are three ideas for employers to thank employees for their daily contributions.

Appreciation Dinner

An appreciation dinner is a formal way to thank employees. Such dinners often include gourmet fare, awards, and distinguished speakers.

The focus should be on creating a night to remember and thanking employees for all that they do.

Spontaneous Appreciation

Forgoing the formality of a Casino Night or Appreciation Dinner, spontaneous appreciation events are another popular option.

These can take the form of closing the office early for a movie, or treating everyone to pizza at lunch.

Some offices bring in televisions to watch the opening rounds of NCAA basketball’s March Madness.

In any case, the point is to surprise everyone with some time away from work.

Casino Night

The previous examples of a corporate events are fairly common demonstrations of employee

A less common, but far more exciting option is a company Casino Night Party.

When employees arrive, they are greeted with the sights and sounds of a casino.

Participants receive play money to play casino games such as blackjack, poker, or craps.

Amiable dealers provide additional play money if a gamer runs out; food and drink are plenty.

At the end of the night, winnings can be exchanged for prizes. Raffles and giveaways create added excitement.

One of the great advantages of Casino Night is that it is appropriate any time of the year.

It’s also less formal than a planned dinner, but more structured than a spontaneous appreciation event.

More importantly, it will almost assuredly create an evening employees are sure to remember.

Those who plan on hosting an employee appreciation event should keep a Casino NightParty in mind.




Fundraising is always a very special event for a special purpose. For special events everything needpoker-charity-events to be perfect and well planned something, which one can expect from Funtastic Events.

Funtastic Events has been successfully planning fundraisers for charity since 1985 and have managed over 6200 events.

One such event that comes to spotlight is the casual Texas Hold’em style tournament. This particular fundraiser is an event, which is for all people to share, enjoy and have fun.

For the Poker Charity Event it is inevitable that the participants arrive at a particular time. The participants will arrive at their own times so it’s a good hint to give the participants for the poker game to arrive 30 minutes prior the planned time so the late comers can be accommodated.

The event is all about having a poker night so the poker tables will take up most of the space of the event. The poker tables will measure about 8ft x 4 ft, and will have seating all around.

This means that there must be enough space secured first for the reception area to accommodate people before the games commence.

It is important to keep your guests informed and up-to date about the activities of the evening so that they will be determined to show their support for the cause.

atlanta-poker-charity-eventThis job should be done by a person from the non-profit organization so that the trust of the people is ensured.

Since the participants in the charity event are there to support the cause even though they aren’t poker players. In order to make them feel comfortable with the game and with other participants a good or seasoned player should be assigned to each table.

This person will explain the whole game to newbies and will make sure that the game runs smoothly.

It would be a good gesture to distribute handout about the rules of the game for beginners.

Also an Emcee from the organization should be appointed to address the people and notify them about the time and when to rotate the poker games.

The main thing is to keep the participants engaged in the game before the session ends. Also to make an event like that successful you need have support of local restaurants and gift resources that will sponsor your event to make a good impression.

You can arrange gift certificates by emailing and calling non-profit organizations.

Key Points For Organizing a Successful Event:

The basic step of organizing a successful event is to first allot people their roles and responsibilities. For this purpose a committee is established which keeps a check and balance on everything. Thinks like invitation checking, poker game selection, food and beverages are the key parameters, which should be perfect.

The next thing after giving people responsibilities is to arrange a hall of considerable space for your event. The place should be big enough to accommodate your audience and it is favorable that someone donates you that place for the charity

Sponsorship and Donations

The next thing you do is gather local support from local companies that will be happy to donate and sponsor a poker table for the cause.

The donations can involve dinner for two at restaurants, gift cards, discount deals, free tickets to movies and free hotel stay for two. This will increase the interest and trust of the participants as they appreciate your efforts for them.

Raffle Items

These raffle items should be the highlight of your event. In other words you need to arrange your raffle items in terms of their worth.

If the raffle item is very expensive then you can set that item for auction. If the item is local then you can present it in lucky draws or for the winner of the poker game. This will keep your guests engaged in the event and create zeal for the cause.

Entry Fee

poker-charity-eventsNow you should focus on the amount of the entry fee you want to keep for your guest. It should be according to the prestige and generosity of your guests.

It shouldn’t be too pricy or too cheap so a recommended rate is of about $100. It is advised that this amount is collected in advance so that the non-profit organization could make the necessary arrangements.

Now the most critical thing to do is to come up with the right invitation. The invitation should be graceful and should highlight the purpose of the event. After that it should address the activities for the evening and then the rules for the poker charity event. This will keep your participants well informed about the event’s activities and gaming rules.

Everything is done and the final touch remaining is to arrange the gaming equipment. Now buying all the equipment would be quite expensive so you can go for rental companies.

Casino Rental Company

Funtastic Events is a reliable gaming rental company in Atlanta which can meet your poker night needs very easily. They can provide you with poker tables that can accommodate up to 8 – 10 people with playing cards and poker chips.

You can even buy raffle tickets for the participants and for your organization to keep track. These are some of the tips, which can help you arrange a great memorable event.


Casino Rentals Atlanta – For individuals who enjoy gambling occasionally, an Atlanta casino party is a wonderful theme choice to Atlanta Casino Rentalsconsider when throwing your next big shindig for friends and family.

However, there’s always one big question that people seem to ask whenever they consider a party theme such as this: “is something like this actually legal?”

The simple answer to this question is “absolutely.” Throughout the United States, you are legally allowed to throw a party that has a casino-type theme to it; however, there are a few states that have stipulations regarding exactly what is permitted at these kinds of parties, while many states have one major stipulation that must be followed at all times.

That major stipulation is that no real money is allowed to be exchanged at any gaming table.

This also means that mobile casino businesses are not even allowed to award any real cash prizes.

For instance, the top three players who have the highest amount of chips could receive a prize or gift of some type, which could include money; however, the host of the party would be the one who is responsible for giving it out in order to make the exchange legal.

The host of the party is typically required to pay the casino party rental company a deposit up front to reserve the date, and then the balance at the end of the event. At the end of the event itself, any money or other prizes that are given away have to be distributed by the host.

There are also some partygoers who enjoy tipping the dealers of the gaming tables. This is something that is permitted by some casino party rentalscasino party rentals businesses, provided that the tipping does not actually take place at the gaming table itself.

Many people prefer to tip by cash, which are seen as the most common tipping method.

Generally, this works by meeting with whomever is providing the service and asking them to bill you the amount of money that is desired by them. You are absolutely not required to tip them, but they will appreciate it if you choose to do so.

Each event tends to vary in price depending on the amount and type of gaming tables that you wish to have for your party, as well as the distance in which the company has to travel to get to where the party itself will be held.


Christmas is coming up, and while you can always go the traditional route for your party, nowadays having a themed party is common — and a lot of fun — too.

This is the time of year to get everyone together, be they family, neighbors, or even co-workers.How to Have a Perfect Christmas Party

The party doesn’t need to be fancy and full of fuss, but the theme can help everyone get into the spirit of the holiday.

Christmas Isn’t the Only Theme

While the overriding look of the party may be Christmas-based, you can add more themes for a fun time.

Try a Roaring Twenties theme with casino games, flapper outfits, a dance contest, or even Charleston lessons.

Have people dress like Great Gatsby characters or gangsters and molls.

Of course, if you don’t want to have a fully themed party happening, you can still have a secondary theme.

Ugly Sweater Theme

Ugly Christmas sweaters can be a great theme that’s easy for people to participate in. Many of your guests will have an ugly sweater or two buried at the back of a closet, an old gift form a relative who meant well but didn’t have the best taste.

Online sites also sell ugly Christmas sweaters for those people who were never blessed with the task of smiling at a relative while holding a knit monstrosity. Even better, there are now ugly Hanukkah sweaters available, too.

Don’t Forget the Food, Delicious Food

party rentals atlantaSometimes simpler is better, and Christmas party food does not have to be a gourmet feast for your guests to have a good time.

Going the potluck route is always helpful — just be sure you keep a list of who’s bringing what so you don’t end up with ten batches of cookies (though there are people who would argue that ten batches of cookies is perfectly acceptable, of course).

Speaking of cookies, hold a cookie swap where everyone brings their favorite cookie recipe.

Or, have the party catered or just buy deli and fruit platters at the grocery store.

The point is to have tasty food that people can eat easily while mingling. Have lots of appetizers around, too, so people get a variety of foods as they nibble.