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Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday. Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch! Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

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Make your birthday parties, reunions or plain get-together parties a most memorable event. Plan a themed party that suit your budget and your style. Take your friends and family to an all-new adventure and invite them to an evening of fun, glamour and excitement. Let them take pleasure in the ideas of a great and eventful night like no other.

Paris Event Theme. A Paris-themed party whether for birthdays or prom has a lot ocasino-party-atlantaf possibilities. You take on a romantic evening at the sidewalk bistro or walking along the Eiffel Tower. Make your Paris theme authentic and fun by planning or renting a scene of a Parisian view. It could be romantic lighting like street lights or candles and outdoor landmarks. Find ways to make your guest feel the glitz and glamour of Paris.

Candy Event Theme.  Ideal for your kids, teenagers or kid-at-heart, sweeten up your get together by celebrating it with candies and cakes and pastries. Decorate your party with a theme of a Candy Land or the Hansel and Gretel-like candy house. The sweetness of the gesture will bring out the child in you and that of your invited guests.

Masquerade Event Theme. For a mysterious and intriguing party, plan on a masquerade ball for your special night. Your guest will be mystified and awed by the decors that would go with the mask each of them would wear. Let them feel the mystic night with your themed party and make it as memorable as it party atlanta

Casino Themed Party

Another great idea for your special day is the Casino themed party. Bring the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas casino to your own event. Rent out casino party supplies in Atlanta like the roulette, and other games which will give out a real casino feel. Having a casino party in Atlanta is now popular. If done right and with the right materials, they can be a very memorable night worth remembering.

With the right materials and a well-planned theme, your special event will be the talk of your friends and every one of your guests will cherish every moment they spent with you. Be sure to choose the right theme, one that suits you and will be enjoyable also for your guests. Availability of all possible decors and designs is to be considered when renting out. They should coordinate with your theme and ideas.


A vacation in Las Vegas is one of the most awaited event for some people. The thrill of the games in the casino andcasino party atlanta glamorous shows makes it one of the top vacation getaways. However, not all have the opportunity nor the means to fly out and have fun in the famous gaming tables in Las Vegas or even Rio. Events from frat parties to prom or birthday parties are now planned with a casino theme just like actually going to  those places but less expensive but still with all the glam and excitement of Vegas. You just have to do it right.

For some people, a high rolling Las Vegas vacation is one of the great pleasures of life. The glitz and glamour of the shows, the endless amounts of food and drink and the thrill of gaming in the casino hot spot of the world makes it one of the top vacation getaways on the planet. But not everyone can throw down a few thousand bucks every time they get the itch to sit at a blackjack table and try their luck. For this reason, casino night parties have become very popular. From frat parties to office soirees, hosting a casino night can be a lot of fun — if you do it right. Here are some tips to make sure that your casino night event goes down without a hitch.

How to Have A Casino Party in Atlanta

casino party atlantaHave a good mix of games, so everyone can get involved. It’s one thing to host a poker party and set up a few card tables in your living room. But if you want to throw an authentic casino night event, then you’re going to want more options for your guests and the proper equipment to enhance the experience. Check places that rent out casino equipment and then spend some time deciding what you can afford and what games you want to feature for an awesome casino party.

Las Vegas casinos are all about themes, so your casino night event shouldn’t be any different. If you have a few bucks to spend on décor, consider paying homage to one or more of the iconic Vegas casinos to give your casino party atlanta a fun edge.


Casino Party Atlanta a place for fun. A place that may also be used for entertainment, meetings, dancing, parties,casino party atlanta or even reunions.

A lot of people however had bad experiences with casinos. Considered a place that makes you lose everything. Promising riches you cannot fathom to achieve.

There are ways to make casino party time a fun time. Gambling to be comparable with going out with friends on a nightclub or watching entertainment movies or parties. Ways that would help you pursue gambling wisely and enjoy your time while doing it.

Know your limits. Get control over the fact that when you go inside a casino party, you might go out empty-handed. So set your limit. Put aside the amount you are willing to spend and settle on the thought that you will have fun playing even when you are not getting any winnings with you. Just be are to understand the house rules. The rules for every game and be wise about it.

Start with the game of chance. Slot machines are fun at a time. You just have to put in our coin and see if you win. Win or lose you, still are having fun doing it. You might also want to try the roulette. No skill is required just like the slot machines. Just pure luck.

Play by the rules. When moving on to a more serious and intimidating game, try leaning the rules of these skilled based games. Playing cards is one of these games and you have to know more on the rules and techniques or casino party atlantastrategies. Almost all casinos are willing to teach new customers or you might go with a knowledgeable friend. Be sure to pick a table where there are less spectators for you to concentrate.

Follow etiquette in casinos.  Be courteous, to stay on the good sides of dealers and players. Specific rules should be followed and don’t use your cellphone at the tables. If ever you win a game, wait for you winnings to be pushed towards you. Don’t grab it before he does.  Tip dealers with the prescribed amount for every winnings or games and don’t tip with cash but chips.

The most important thing to remember in going to a Casino Party Atlanta is to have fun. When you have already won, try to quit while you’re ahead. Relax, have fun and control yourself. Don’t forget your financial limits and enjoy our self.


The first thing that comes to mind when going into a Casino Party in Atlanta is how much will I win? Winning acasino party atlanta game of pure chance like the slot machines and roulette is brought about by luck. There is no strategy for these kind of games. While skill games like blackjack and poker, you must be well prepared before getting in the game.

Roulette is another easy game just watching the ball skip across it. It requires no skill. Just place your chips on your picked board and hope that it is where the ball will land. You may bet directly on a number or a color which yields corresponding payouts.

Intimidating table games like blackjack and craps or poker require some knowledge on the rules and strategy.

Blackjack. The goal in this game is to beat the dealer. As long as you follow the basic strategy, you can make it an even-money game.

Poker is a popular games. You play with other gamblers and the casino gets only a cut or just collects a rake out of every pot.

There are other games offered in a casino which you might find fun and challenging. Just be sure to know your limit, and enjoy yourself with friends and family.


Casino Party in Atlanta is where you go when you are looking for a mindless gambling fun. Head for the crapscasino party atlanta table. Either be side better or a main player. The main thing is to have fun and get something out of it if luck is on your side. It is a dice game on which the players wage on the roll. This table of game is a lot noisier that the other game tables.

Baccarat is another casino game that is popular in Macau. You bet on a player or on the banker. It is one of the oldest games in casinos. It is typically played by high rollers. Though simple, it is an elegant card game often joined by the rich and famous.

Another skilled base game is blackjack. It is wildly played in casinos. It is casino party atlantaalso known as twenty-one is a comparing card game wherein the players compete against the dealer. It is one of the most attractive card game in the casino. Blackjack is best for players who have time enough to learn the game. It need skills and knowledge on its strategies. 

If you go to a casino to drink and socialize with your friends and meet new ones and at the same time win, play craps. If you have lots of money to spare and willing to let go of those hard earned money for a more refined experience at the gambling tables, baccarat is best for you.

Whichever game you choose, casino is part of leisure and entertainment.