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Your team did a fantastic job at our surprise 50th Birthday. Darrin showed up on time to start setting up. Jan and Bruce arrived, introduced themselves and were ready to start the night as the first guest arrived.

The personalized fake money was a nice touch! Our guests were both new & experienced at Blackjack & Craps and they both commented on how much fun they had.

One guest mentioned that Bruce remembered everyone's name!

I'll be sure to recommend Funtastic Events to anyone looking for a great addition to their party.
Thanks Again!

It’s that time of year again–and you’re on the hook to coordinate the annual company Christmas party, no pressure, right? Not only are you going to want a big turnout, but you want to make this a special, memorable event.Company Christmas Party Ideas

This time of year pressure runs high with competing invitations for Christmas parties, and overwhelmed employees trying to put a dent in their Christmas-to-do-list.

Many people this time of year want to avoid adding anything to their ever-growing list, so planning a party that allows a break from the merry mayhem, may be just the ticket.

Not to worry, we have got you covered! This list will help you organize an original party that will invite employees to take a break, kick back, and feel refreshed for a new fiscal year!

Employees will be anticipating this event for years to come, instead of re-inventing excuses to dodge it!

Location, Location, Location…

There’s no better way to take a load off from work then by being—not at work.

Pick a fun location away from the office such as a banquet hall, a large party room at a fun, trendy bar or restaurant, or a party room at an elegant hotel.

In order for the party to be a hit, you will need a space large enough to accommodate a range of activities such as dancing, friendly gambling, and room to mingle!

The atmosphere can make or break your shindig, so take a look around before commiting. If it has an option for a DJ, live music, a pianist, or even good, old-fashioned karaoke, even better!

Jot down a list of entertaining ideas you wish to have at the party to ensure you select the best venue.

Pick a Theme

christmas party nightsThere are plenty of ideas to create a theme party, without sounding cliche.

Casablanca Casino Royale night is bound to get a turn out, or Christmas in Copacabana with a casino theme can bring a new twist that will entice employees, without burdening them.

Many companies out there provide entertainment for these types of occasions, hiring one to set up black jack tables or other casino style games allows a fun way for co-workers to socialize without the awkward after-work conundrum that can sometimes stiffen work related events.

Winnings can even be in the form of raffle tickets for a big prize give-away!

Depending on employees, you could even make a complimenting dress code to promote the theme.

Taking an office vote to decide on a theme is another way to include the employees and encourage them to join the festivities.

Make It Entertaining

Many people this time of year have a list a mile long of gifts to purchase, taking that pressure off your employees is another way to Company Christmas Party Ideasboost morale.

Implementing a white elephant type of gift exchange is a fun way to interact, without adding another thing to shop for.

Many times this can be achieved by setting up a rule that everyone brings one random item from home to be exchanged.

People really get into trying to find hilarious or completely silly gifts to wrap up for a good laugh! In the past people have used fire extinguishers, Velcro gym shoes, or a hideous knick-knack to bring about a chuckle.

Often times the stranger the gift, the more it is in demand. This is just one way to provide cost efficient entertainment.

Other ideas include raffles, live music, karaoke, and group trivia.

The Guest List

One way to get your employees psyched for the annual Christmas party is making the guest list more diverse.

Encouraging guests to bring close friends or a family member will not only increase the chance they will RSVP, but also allows for networking.

Most employees will feel more relaxed among the people they see outside of the office, allowing a let- your-hair-down feel to the party.

Good Eats

One of the hands-down best ways to throw a memorable soirĂ©e, is to make sure they can’t say no to the menu. The best way to company holiday party ideasentice anybody is definitely through his or her palate.

Christmas time is notorious for putting people under the gun for baking Christmas cookies, desserts, and other pot- luck hassles. Although it may be fun to have them bring a dish to serve, a more enticing method will be offering catering from a truly scrumptious Italian place.

Another trendy option would be to make a candy or dessert table that ties into the theme of the party, with so many craft candy shops out there this should be a tasty and easy feat.

A cocktail and hors d’ouvres hour with a night cap of coffee and dessert is another idea for providing an insatiable lure to your party.

These are just a few of many ideas you can incorporate the next time you are planning the office Christmas party, keep these tips in mind and you can make this a fun and stress relieving break from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Cheers!


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